documents with ease & precision

Easily create & automate mission-critical documents with our

Low-Code Enterprise Document Generation Platform

Simplify document generation: Eliminate enterprise document complexity

Low-code platform: Put template development in the hands of non-developers

Fully automate: Create, process, digitally sign & workflow documents

Easily integrate: Connect to & draw data from multiple enterprise systems

  • Document generation integrated:
  • Stand-alone engine: Centralise and manage document automation and templates across the entire organisation, or specific departments.
  • Part of a comprehensive solution: Integrate with multiple products to address specific end-to-end business use cases.
  • Value-added service: Enhance existing products by filling the document generation and automation gap.
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Our technology partners

Document generation software that guarantees efficiency, productivity, and compliance.

Simplified template development

Intuitive user interface for easy template creation

No coding expertise required

Promotes collaboration between enterprise teams

Advanced document rules engine

Automation of complex rules and content creation

Ensures highly personalised documents

Reduces manual errors and enhances user experience

Streamlined document generation

Automates entire process, from source to sign-off

Eliminates the need for manual interventions

Reduces chances of errors

Centralised content libraries

Reusable sub-templates for consistent styling

Alignment with company branding and messaging

Easy integration & data management

Seamless integration with existing systems

Draws from data sources for dynamic, hyper-personalised document generation

Security & compliance

Enterprise-grade security, compliance, and scalability

Robust system to meet the needs of large-scale enterprises

Multi-channel digital signatures

Enables documents to be digitally signed by relevant stakeholders

Delivers documents to various channels

Mitigate complexity

Designed to simplify the document creation process

Fills the gap left by traditional document generation tools

Accurate data

Reduces potential manual errors and enhances overall user experience

Ensures reliability and confidence in document processes

DocFusion removes these enterprise challenges:


Dealing with intricate templates and numerous variables and rules is onerous, time-consuming, and typically requires special skills.


Manual document processes result in inefficiencies, errors, and delays.


Heavy reliance on key individuals or the IT department hinders scalability and creates bottlenecks.

Some of the firms we’ve helped

Simplifying complexity. Scaling effortlessly. Boosting productivity.

Customer relationships

Reputation management

Productivity improvement

Cost reduction

Risk & compliance

Omnichannel marketing

Employee management

Digital & paperless

McKinsey found that 89% of large companies globally have a digital transformation journey underway, but they’ve captured only 31% of expected revenue lift and 25% of expected cost savings.

DocFusion helps enterprises revolutionise document processes and drive true digital transformation.

A step-by-step of automated document generation.

Experience the transformative power of DocFusion and elevate your document processes to new heights.