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Elevate real estate transactions with our low-code document automation and creation platform.

Document Automation

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Insurance policy document automation


Effortlessly craft reusable dynamic templates tailored for real estate transactions: Pull data seamlessly from any of your enterprise systems and deliver precision and professionalism to your clients – every single time.

Inconsistencies, non-compliance, and delays

Estate agencies operate in an environment where accuracy, timeliness, and compliance are of utmost importance. Yet, when it comes to creating consistent documentation, many agents struggle with:

Time consumption

Manually drafting documents is tedious and prone to errors.


Different agents might have their own style, leading to off-brand documents that may confuse or mislead clients.

Compliance issues

Legalities in real estate are intricate. Ensuring every document adheres to these standards is challenging.

Workflow delays

Traditional systems often lack seamless workflows, causing delays especially when signatures are required.

Time-consuming tasks. Document inconsistencies. Workflow hold-ups.

“There are clear success stories that prove the transformative power of automation in the banking industry.”

– mckinsey on how document automation technology transforms the banking industry

Experience document automation transformed

Many existing systems are outdated, failing to meet the specific needs of estate agencies. They often lack integrated solutions and customisation, necessitating multiple tools and not truly reflecting an agency’s brand or individuality.

DocFusion is a low-code, dynamic template-based document generation solution that can be tailored for estate agencies. Here’s what sets DocFusion apart:

Template-based document generation

From rental agreements to legal notices, automate and standardise your document creation.

Integrated digital signature capabilities

No need for third-party signature tools. DocFusion integrates this essential feature, ensuring your documents are signed and finalised in record time.

Efficient workflow engine

This works together with digital signing capability to streamline processes, reducing document finalisation from days to mere hours.

Compliance assurance

Designed with the intricate legalities of real estate in mind, ensuring every document adheres to industry standards and regulations.

 Streamline documentation. Sign and finalise, fast. Compliance assurance.

Adopting DocFusion provides estate agencies with valuable benefit, including:

  • Enhanced efficiency, due to less time spent drafting, and more time serving clients.
  • Compliant and standardised documents, reducing the chance of legal disputes.
  • Heightened client trust and satisfaction.
  • Brand identity and integrity is maintained in every document sent out.

Enhanced efficiency. Brand ID consistency. Standardised documentation.

A step-by-step of automated document generation.

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