How it works

DocFusion’s low-code document generation system can be summed up in 3 steps.

 DocFusion offers a powerful yet user-friendly platform for all your document generation needs, whether you’re an information user, IT professional, developer, or systems integrator.

A document
  • Advanced Templating: Create detailed DOCX templates with powerful components such as Optionals, Repeaters, Images, Charts, Adornments and more to ensure that every piece of dynamic data is displayed in the correct format.
  • Template Repository: Store templates in the secure DocFusion Template Repository, ensuring organized management and access control that meets your governance needs.
  • Templates Referencing: Effectively manage corporate identity and compliance elements as separate templates by reusing Corporate identity headers and footers template.
  • Real-time Validation: Use the Template Designer’s preview feature to check template accuracy based on actual data.
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  • Data Retrieval: Integrate with JSON/XML inputs or connect directly to multiple business systems within the same template and pull data directly from the source.
  • Data Mapping: Pull your data structures from your source systems and then sort, filter transform and map data fields to the template.
  • Business Logic: Add your business rules to ensure each document fits enterprise standards.
An API connecting different systems
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A document template together with the document formats it can be saved as
  • Detailed Processing: Use our “Chains” and “Processes” for tasks like watermarking, data preparation, and more.
  • Multiple Outputs: Produce documents in formats like DOCX, PDF, and HTML. Need a secured PDF? No problem.
  • API Integration: Integrate DocFusion into your current enterprise processes via code or one of our readily available integration options in ecosystems such Microsoft or Salesforce.
  • Digital signatures: Sign documents using our integrated digital and electronic signature solution. If you already have a signing provider, DocFusion will integrate with it.

Your document transformation journey starts here.

What is a template?

A template is a sample, blueprint, skeleton or example of a document. DocFusion templates determines the structure, layout and styling for a document. They contain basic content such as data placeholders and boilerplate texts.

Static vs dynamic templates?

Without a document automation system, templates are considered static and are created manually. DocFusion templates are considered dynamic and documents are created automatically.

DocFusion’s dynamic templates provide a robust and intelligent system for document creation and output.

Smart template creation

The ability to create “smart” templates that are intricately linked to data, allowing for customized and dynamic content

Rule-based content

Implementation of rule-based optional and repeatable content, complete with automatic clause numbering and cross-references, ensures consistency and precision

Dynamic elements

Features such as dynamic table creation, barcodes, formulas, conditional formatting, and charting enable versatile and visually engaging documents

Reusable template libraries

Streamline the design process with the creation of reusable template libraries, promoting efficiency and uniformity across various documents

Document workflows

Manage and automate the journey of documents with specialized document workflows, facilitating a seamless transition from creation to delivery

Document automation from A to Z

  1. Template creation: Use the simple template editor with reusable components, sub templates, and dynamic styling to design documents.
  2. Data Integration: Utilize support for complex data models and relationships to connect with multiple data sources.
  3. Document Assembly: Apply optional conditions, simple/complex formulas, and custom scripting to generate personalized documents.
  4. Batch Processing: Assemble multiple documents at once with the inbuilt batch assembly feature.
  5. Document Signing and Approval: Utilize inbuilt document signing, post-processing workflows, and native template version control for review and approval.
  6. Integration with Enterprise Systems: Achieve full integration in and out of various enterprise systems for seamless workflow management.
  7. API Utilization: Leverage full API access to all aspects of the platform to integrate with any Line of Business (LOB) system.
  8. Final Delivery or Storage: Send finalized documents to their destination, such as e-mail delivery, digital signature processes, or a document management system.
A step-by-step of automated document generation.

Experience the transformative power of DocFusion and elevate your document processes to new heights.