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Wealth management

Optimise wealth management documentation with our cloud-based document generation system.

Document Automation

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Insurance policy document automation


Simplify complex wealth management paperwork: Craft adaptable templates, integrate data from all your platforms, and deliver precision to your clients – consistently.

Stringent regulation and a wealth of documentation

Wealth management entails a significant amount of documentation. Both the breadth and depth of services offered and the regulatory environment in which wealth managers operate necessitate thorough and accurate record-keeping.

From client onboarding, investment, financial planning, and regulatory and compliance documents, wealth managers have their work cut out for them when it comes to keeping communication with their high-net-worth clients consistent, professional, and accurate.

There are numerous challenges here:


The sheer volume of documents that need to be created, stored, and retrieved is overwhelming.


Sensitive client information requires the highest levels of security.


Wealth management operates in a highly regulated environment. Documentation needs to comply with laws, regulations, and standards, which often change.


Each client’s situation is unique, and documentation often needs to be tailored to individual needs.


Many wealth management firms use multiple software systems, so there’s a need for integration and consistent data flow.

 Document volumes. Personalisation. Security

“There are clear success stories that prove the transformative power of automation in the banking industry.”

– mckinsey on how document automation technology transforms the banking industry

Experience document automation transformed

DocFusion simplifies the creation of professional, compliant documents, eliminating complexity and inefficiencies. Our no-code platform not only facilitates the creation of templates and generation of documents, but also automates all related document processes. The result: Seamless, hyper-personalised client communication in less time, with less resources.

How is this level of efficiency reached? 

Simplified template development

DocFusion offers a user-friendly interface that allows for the fast and accurate creation of templates, without the need for coding.

Advanced document rules engine

DocFusion enables advanced automated rules and content creation features for hyper-personalised documents, reducing manual errors and ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Streamlined document generation

DocFusion automates the entire document generation, workflow, and output process, eliminating manual efforts and increasing efficiency.

Centralised content libraries

Reusable content libraries enable the creation of sub-templates, promoting consistency and collaboration across teams.

Easy integration and data management

DocFusion seamlessly integrates with existing systems, leveraging data sources for dynamic and personalised document generation.

Hyper-personalised client documents. Compliance and Security. Fast-moving processes

Tangible benefits for you and your clients

  • Seamless integration with all your existing systems, including CRM, ERP, and BPM.
  • Faster time-to-market, enabling streamlined product launches, policy renewals, and claims processing.
  • Resource optimisation, freeing up your firm’s valuable manpower and time resources. 
  • Collaboration and version control, with a central repository for templates that ensures role-based access, version control, and consistency across the firm.
  • Collaboration and version control, with a central repository for templates that ensures role-based access, version control, and consistency across the firm.
  • Personalisation and customisation, leveraging data sources to create dynamic and tailored documents for each client.
  • Regulatory compliance, automating the inclusion of necessary clauses, terms, and disclosures in documents.
  • Happier, more loyal, and confident clients who can rest assured their insurance needs in good hands.

Faster time to market. Resource optimisation. Confident clients.

A step-by-step of automated document generation.

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