Integrations with DocFusion PaaS APIs 

  • Versatility: No matter your system of origin, trigger document automation processes from anywhere, enhancing workflow efficiency. 
  • Consistency: Maintain brand and data consistency across all your document outputs, regardless of the source or destination of the data. 
  • Scalability: Our enterprise-grade API is built to handle the vast demands of modern businesses, from small ad-hoc tasks to large-scale batch operations generating millions of documents per day. 
DocFusion for Salesforce API

Harness the power of the DocFusion Web API

Dynamic generation

Produce documents tailored to your specific requirements, whether these involve a single document, or batches of them.

  • Generate using a template; or
  • Perform complex pre- and post-processing using workflows

Versatile outputs

Generate documents in various formats to suit your operational needs, from simple DOCX files to multi-page, merged, watermarked and password-protected PDFs.

Batch management & job tracking

Monitor the status and logs of your document generation tasks to ensure smooth processing.

Template management

Access and manage the schema, scenarios, and external references linked to your templates.

Document generation with DocFusion API

Our API provides a robust set of tools designed specifically for efficient and flexible document generation, allowing you to seamlessly integrate and optimise your document processes, no matter the size of your enterprise.

DocFusion API

Connectors – the power behind data retrieval

Salesforce App

Document automation made simple 

Enhance your CRM experience with our specialised Salesforce App, available on the AppExchange

Create buttons that generate documents with ease, all powered by the comprehensive capabilities of the DocFusion Platform APIs

Microsoft Ecosystem

A unified experience 

We’ve integrated deep into the Microsoft ecosystem, ensuring you can leverage DocFusion capabilities wherever you work: 

  • Power Apps: Integrate document automation directly into your app-building process, creating dynamic and data-rich applications with ease. 
  • SharePoint: A legacy in many businesses, seamlessly blend your SharePoint data into the document automation process, ensuring no system gets left behind in your digital transformation
A step-by-step of automated document generation.

The power of integration.

DocFusion PaaS APIs combine multiple platforms under one unified document automation process, ensuring efficiency, consistency, and versatility in every operation. For detailed inquiries or to see our APIs in action, contact us today.