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Implement banking document assembly and automation with our low-code system.

Document Automation

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Effortlessly create dynamic and flexible templates for all your banking documentation needs. Seamlessly integrate data from various systems and provide top-notch onboarding and sustained customer satisfaction while staying fully compliant with DocFusion.

Managing complex banking documents

In the banking industry, the sheer volume of documents, ranging from customer onboarding to statement generation and debt review, can be overwhelming. Each document type requires a template, and managing numerous variations with compliance requirements can be challenging. The following are common issues faced by banks:


Handling intricate templates with multiple variables and compliance regulations requires specialised skills and is time-consuming.


Manual document processes lead to inefficiencies, errors, and delays in delivering documents to customers.


Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements is crucial, and any errors can lead to severe consequences.

DocFusion streamlines document processes for banks using powerful document generation and automation tools with workflow and signature capability.

“There are clear success stories that prove the transformative power of automation in the banking industry.”

– mckinsey on how document automation technology transforms the banking industry

Streamlined document automation

DocFusion simplifies the creation of professional and compliant documents, streamlining operations and enhancing customer satisfaction. Our no-code platform empowers users to create and customise templates without the need for coding skills. The key features that enable this level of efficiency include:

A leading bank experienced these outcomes with DocFusion

Saved annually

Reduction in onboarding turnaround time

Compliance achieved

Trees saved per year

User-friendly template development

DocFusion provides an intuitive interface that enables anyone in the bank to create and customise templates easily, reducing dependence on specialised personnel with coding or advanced IT skills.

Automated rules and content creation

DocFusion incorporates an advanced rules engine, automating content creation and ensuring accuracy and consistency in documents, minimising manual errors.

Efficient document generation

DocFusion automates the entire document generation process, improving efficiency and reducing the time it takes to deliver documents to customers.

Centralised content libraries

DocFusion allows for reusable content libraries, facilitating collaboration across teams and ensuring consistency in document templates.

Seamless integration and data management

DocFusion integrates seamlessly with existing banking systems, enabling dynamic and personalized document generation by leveraging data sources.

 Streamline document creation. Ensure compliance. Improve operational efficiency.

Benefits for banks and customers

  • Streamlined and intelligent banking documents that ensure consistent and professional communication with customers.
  • DocFusion facilitates frictionless and efficient customer onboarding, leading to increased revenue and reduced customer churn.
  • Automation of manual processes leads to a reduction in operational costs and achieves full process automation.
  • DocFusion’s digital signature integration expedites the document approval process, resulting in faster turnaround times for critical transactions.
  • Reduced Risk and Enhanced Compliance: Leveraging DocFusion’s capabilities ensures correct and approved banking documents, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • DocFusion empowers banks to maintain a consistent corporate image and communication through a centralised repository of templates, enhancing reputation among customers and stakeholders.
  • DocFusion seamlessly integrates with all existing systems, including CRM, core banking, and customer data platforms.
  • Efficient enterprise-grade document automation frees up valuable manpower and time resources for more strategic tasks.
  • DocFusion’s central repository for templates ensures role-based access, version control, and consistency across the bank.
  • Leverage data sources to create dynamic and tailored documents for each customer (hyper personalisation).
  • Clients receive accurate and timely documents for their banking needs, leading to higher satisfaction levels.

Frictionless customer onboarding. Compliance under control. Confident clients.

A step-by-step of automated document generation.

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