Enterprise Batch Processing Platform

Automate the processing of large batches of documents with ease & precision

Automatically generated documents

The financial services industry deals with massive batches of highly complex and customised documents on a regular basis. Without an effective batch processing platform, challenges can be crippling:

Speed of execution: It can take days to process the millions of documents you need to output each month.

Troubleshooting and resolution of faulty batches: Detecting where errors originate from when dealing with volumes is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Template management: The templates that form the basis of your personalised generated documents often require special coding skills.

Integration with legacy and new systems: Traditional batch tools are not geared towards seamless integration, which means special skills requirements and elevated costs.

Multiple sources of data: Because your data is pulled from various sources, detection of data errors is not easy.

Compliance and risk management: Instead of proactively providing for 100% compliance, traditional tools often only allow for reactive procedures.

For your enterprise, for your clients – documentation is crucial. You need to get it right – first time, every time.

Introducing DocFusion’s Enterprise Document Batch Processing Platform

DocFusion’s advanced batch processing tool – built on the backbone of our powerful document generation platform crushes these challenges, guaranteeing you perfect documents that are compliant and on time.

Drastically increase turnaround time:

DocFusion’s Enterprise Batch Processing  platform increases processing speed by 70%.

Advanced error handling and recovery:

Correct errors in real-time, ensuring continuous operation without the need for manual intervention.

Low-code template development:

Our drag-and-drop Word-based interface democratises the whole process by enabling team members to build templates without having to rely on special skills.

Seamless integration:

Our batch processing platform integrates with your existing systems, adapting to the way you work and ensuring agility and responsiveness.

Proactive validation of data:

No more surprises – Your data is verified before processing even begins, ensuring accuracy and compliance from the start.

Compliance from the get-go:

Our batch platform is built on the DocFusion document generation platform, which enables any level of compliance, customised to your organisation.


Stop using ineffective tools that steal time and open your enterprise up to reputational, operational, and financial damage.

Your enterprise deserves an advanced batch processing solution that can guarantee peace of mind.


What’s the difference?

Traditional batch processing tools vs DocFusion’s Enterprise Batch Processing Platform:

FEATURE Traditional tools DocFusion platform
Synchronous vs Asynchronous Synchronous in most cases. A payload is processed, and the generated document is retrieved as a single action before the next payload is processed. Scaled parallel processing with asynchronous calls. Multiple payloads are processed at the same time. Payloads are processed in a fire-and-forget fashion and polling or webhooks are used to notify the system when the job is done so that the generated document can be retrieved in parallel, while processing continues in the background.
Prioritisation First-In-First-Out (FIFO), One-at-a-time Document Generation. Input Payloads are processed from top to bottom. Efficient processing and execution planning. DocFusion optimises the processing of batches in various ways to ensure a specific batch gets processed as efficiently as possible. Payloads are validated while others are still being added and processing happens in parallel.
Error Handling The entire batch stops on the first error and could result in unprocessed items not getting processed until errors have been resolved. If a single payload fails, the entire batch fails and resolving this normally requires reprocessing of the entire batch over again. Processing continues even if an error occurs. Individual errors can be resolved by providing updated payloads and entire batches that contain errors will successfully complete once all errors have been resolved. It is also possible to configure batches to ignore errors completely if required.
Data Integration No integration. Document generation typically uses placeholder replacement techniques to populate templates with data during document generation. This requires data to be collected and pre-processed into payloads that conform to the exact formats required by the template before documents can be generated. DocFusion has connectors to pull data directly from source systems with specialised adornments that allow for the transformation of data into the correct formats on the fly, while generating documents. Pre-processing and upfront data aggregation is not required when generating documents.
Monitoring & Administration No User Interface with no real-time insight into how batches are processed or errors that have occurred. This is normally maintained by developers and requires technical expertise to resolve issues or configure the system. Web-based real-time insights into how batches are processing and errors that occur. Easy web-based administration, which can be maintained by a business user if need be.
Templating & Lifecycle Management Some Templates, such as CSF, are built in xml with placeholders, comments, etc. Other systems use custom implementations, which also rely on placeholders with find-and-replace techniques. DocFusion templates are designed to support complex scenarios with advanced enterprise grade lifecycle management. The DocFusion Template Designer has many advanced features, such as Connectors (pull data from its source), External References (sub-templates), Adornments (for calculations and data-transformations), and much more. DocFusion also has full template versioning, access control and lifecycle management features to ensure correct separation-of-concern as well as governance and control in an enterprise environment.
Process Automation and Manual Interventions Typically, this is a custom implementation for a specific process or solution. Future automatons require code to be copied and a new custom implementation to be created. When manual intervention is required, a technical expert is required to perform the manual steps.  DocFusion’s Enterprise Batch Processing APIs allow integration from various automation tools or custom code. The APIs allow for the creation or management of batches in a consistent way, while allowing business users insight into processing and errors. The web-based interface also allows business users to manually create or manage batches when required. Batch Processing Approval is also supported.

It takes five good customer experiences to make up for one bad one.

With DocFusion’s modern enterprise batch processing platform, your enterprise is guaranteed

  • Faster turnaround time
  • Cost savings & profitability
  • Risk management
  • Reputation protection
  • Resource optimisation
  • Error minimisation
  • Boosted productivity
  • Compliance assurance

Get complete peace of mind, knowing you can process batches of documents – no matter the size or time of day – without any surprises, hitches or delays.