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Telecommunications providers face numerous challenges when it comes to generating consistent documentation for their customers. In an industry marked by swift technological advancements, the need for accuracy, compliance, brand uniformity, and timely issuance of documents is paramount.

The core challenges include:

Consistency and Compliance

Ensuring all documents, from service contracts to monthly customer statements, reflect current regulations and brand guidelines.


With thousands of customers, timely production and distribution of documents like order confirmations, invoices, and subscription forms is crucial.

Error-prone documents

Without fully automated document systems, customer communication is often inaccurate, disordered, and non-compliant.

Outdated systems

Many existing systems are outdated, lacking modern features, and do not prioritise the ever-evolving needs of both the industry and the customers.

 Lack of consistency. Customer dissatisfaction. Outdated systems.

“There are clear success stories that prove the transformative power of automation in the banking industry.”

– mckinsey on how document automation technology transforms the banking industry

Experience document automation transformed

DocFusion is an advanced document creation solution that bridges the gap with low-code, dynamic template-based document generation. Its advanced features are designed to cater specifically to industries of scale, with a keen focus on the unique needs of individual industries.

Automation and personalisation

DocFusion helps automate processes such as FICA checks and enables hyper-personalised customer communications.

Digital transformation

DocFusion facilitates offline contract approvals via its integrated digital signature and workflow engine, thus modernising traditionally cumbersome processes.


Crucial processes, from customer onboarding to maintenance and upgrades, are significantly sped up through the power of intelligent document generation.

Easy integration and data management

DocFusion seamlessly integrates with existing systems, leveraging data sources for dynamic and personalised document generation.

 Hyper-personalisation. Automated processes. Faster customer onboarding.

Benefits for both providers and customers

  • Intelligent document generation ensures accuracy in all customer-facing processes, reducing disputes and building trust.
  • From faster onboarding processes to seamless upgrades and maintenance, drive operational excellence.
  • Minimise manual errors, duplications, and related costs.
  • Elevated customer loyalty thanks to timely and tailored communications.
  • Craft personalised packages and fit-for-purpose offers to meet customers’ unique needs and preferences.

Customer loyalty. Reduced churn. Lower costs.

A step-by-step of automated document generation.

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