Our platform

More than just a document automation tool

DocFusion portal 

A single web app to manage your environment and everything in it. From the creation and management of templates to controlling user permissions and environment settings. 

Enterprise-ready document generation 

Produce highly personalised documents and customer communications, adapting content based on powerful rules and adornments within the template itself. DocFusion is built to handle demands for complex formatting and styling requirements in templates as well as to deliver perfect output consistency and quality, at scale, for large organisations. 

Template compliance control & lifecycle management

Safeguard your brand with access control, version control, approvals, and publishing between environments. DocFusion’s Content Repository gives you full control to organise and maintain the components used to generate your organisational content. 

Low-code/no-code templating

Seamlessly combining user-friendly design with advanced capabilities, our intuitive drag-and-drop tools allow users to craft powerful templates without code, while technical users have the flexibility to use code for more complex scenarios. It shifts content management from IT to the actual business stakeholders, streamlining operations. 

Document first & data first methodologies  

Work in the most effective way possible. Legal teams might prefer a ‘document first’ approach, creating templates then extracting the data structure of the template. On the other hand, large businesses with existing data can adopt a ‘data first’ strategy, integrating data before mapping it out on new or existing templates. 

Data push & pull strategies

Unlike many platforms that only support data push, requiring you to process your data upfront, DocFusion excels in both data push (sending full data structures like XML or JSON as input) and data pull strategies (sending minimal input like an ID and having DocFusion fetch necessary data from other systems). Whether pushing, pulling, or using a combination, DocFusion has the ability to filter, sort, transform or format (with locale support), directly in the template design experience to further negate the need for IT support. 

Content repository & sub-template support

Structure content within our repository to optimise automation, promoting reusability, streamlined maintenance and clear duty segregation. Reference templates within other templates to promote reusability, consistency and to optimise maintenance

Enterprise batch processing

Many large organisations have a need for bulk generation of documents whether it’s sending out statements at the end of a financial period or running a marketing campaign. DocFusion allows you to create various batch types that can process high volumes of large documents efficiently with visibility into batches as they are processed and tools for recovering from errors without needing to rerun entire batches when a single document failed due to unexpected data related issues. 

Dashboard analytics

Gain insights into organisational document processes and template utilisation, ensuring optimal operations. 

Multiple output types using pre- and post-processing

DocFusion supports standard output formats such as PDF, DOCX and HTML. Combined with the power of ‘chains’ and ‘workflows’, DocFusion can perform advanced processing to ensure everything is set up correctly to output documents to your exact specification such as adding watermarks and password protection

Built for document automation with integration in mind 

Every generated document has a purpose, a destination, a lifecycle. DocFusion helps you every step of the way to ensure the entire process of generating a document and delivering it to its end destination and beyond can be fully automated. We understand that document generation is only a small portion of your larger automation landscape and DocFusion is designed to be a team player, providing powerful and robust integrations and APIs that help you achieve your goals. 

Digital signatures

Document automation would not be complete without digital signature. DocFusion provides a digital and electronic signature solution to help you with your signing needs. If you already have a signing provider, no problem, we’ll integrate with it.

All these robust features are accessible from the DocFusion portal, available as individual components, in combination, or as a comprehensive suite. It’s entirely up to the users how they harness the power of the portal to meet their enterprise needs.

Efficiency & adaptability

A step-by-step of automated document generation.

Experience the transformative power of DocFusion and elevate your document processes to new heights.