DocFusion for Microsoft 365

Document generation and automation for Microsoft Sharepoint, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Document generation and automation for Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform

Accelerated processes

Speed up the sales cycle by quickly generating documents like quotes, contracts, and proposals.

Enhanced accuracy

Produce error-free contracts and agreements with up-to-date information.

Better customer experience

Deliver customised documents catering to specific client needs.

 Robust compliance & security

Safeguard sensitive data and ensure regulatory adherence.

 Efficiency and profitability

Automate mundane tasks, allowing teams to concentrate on strategic activities.

 Seamless data integration

Connect directly to multiple data sources to enable dynamic data population in templates.

Sharepoint document automation and generation
  • Automated document processes: Automatically populate templates with precise data from SharePoint Lists or Libraries.
  • Template storage: Store and manage document templates within SharePoint Document Libraries.

Simple. Seamless. Streamlined.

Dynamics 365 document automation and generation
  • Enhancing data utilisation: Use connectors to pull real-time data directly into document templates.
  • Automated documents: Streamline the generation of essential business documents. Speed up processes by swiftly creating quotes, contracts, and proposals, enhancing customer experiences by providing tailored documents that resonate with specific needs

DocFusion and its highly intuitive interface enabled us to accelerate time-to-market for new products and communications by as much as 90% by moving document design and composition out of the IT department and onto the desktops of non-technical, business line professionals.

– Associate Director at a leading technology company.

Portrait of an associate Director at a leading technology company
Power Platform document automation and generation
  • Advanced workflows: Enable sophisticated workflows that involve detailed document generation processes.
  • Enhanced automation: Facilitate advanced pre- and post-processing steps in document workflows, such as gathering and manipulating data or adding digital signatures to generated documents.