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If you haven’t yet invested in a digital signature solution, despite the massive upset that Covid-19 lockdowns caused the business world, you’re not only missing the opportunity to keep and grow your customer base, but you’re also shooting yourself in the foot by spending masses of time and money unnecessarily.

Digital signatures have become one of the most widely used technologies across industries over the past few years, due to its ability to allow business to continue seamlessly, regardless of time, location or device being used.

Aside from the mobility factor, the use of digital signatures has been proven to reduce costs and increase productivity and efficiency. These are the top ten benefits we’ve seen first-hand from customers using our digital signature solution:

  1. Document Security: Using digital signatures with document management & storage systems eliminates the chances of physical records going missing or being destroyed.
  2. Company image: Using digital signatures and finalising contracts and agreements so much faster than people have come to expect, shows clients your business has the latest technology in place, and is serious about efficiency.
  3. Corporate social responsibility: There is widespread awareness and a higher expectation for companies to be environmentally aware nowadays. Using digital signatures and supporting a paperless business model demonstrates that you as a company are aware of the impact using paper has on the environment, and willing to employ solutions to minimise damage.
  4. Time management: Spending hours searching for physical documents – after they’ve already been through a lengthy manual signing, managing & storing process – is ridiculously time consuming. Digital Signatures turn hours – sometimes days or even weeks – into mere minutes.
  5. Simplification of processes: Using digital signatures and employing paperless systems hugely simplifies day-to-day business processes. Old manual contract signing and filing systems are notoriously onerous. Digital document repositories allow for simple, secure storage and retrieval of your business documents.
  6. Customer satisfaction: While organisations stand to benefit hugely from going paperless, the customers they serve reap just as many rewards, including convenience, speed and efficiency.
  7. Eradication of fraud: It’s no secret that any semi-skilled con artist can forge a physical signature. Digital signatures eliminate the risk of forgery, because they are backed by a unique digital identity. There is no higher level of security when it comes to signing a document.
  8. Compliance & Legality: Our digital signatures were developed with both security and compliance at their core, and are compliant with European, US, South African and international regulations for electronic transactions and trust services.
  9. Money savings: Apart from the obvious money-saving benefits that come from removing the need for certain resources like paper, printers, ink, physical filing systems and admin personnel, there are other cost savings enabled by digital document management and storage, such as needing less physical office space.
  10. Audit trails: In business, the ability to trace documents to their origin is crucial – not only for internal records, but also for the sake of transparency, compliance and protection of company information. Our digital signature system provides businesses with a full digital audit trail.