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Legal departments

Automated document assembly for Legal departments:  Streamline. Safeguard. Simplify.

Document Automation

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Insurance policy document automation


Transform the documentation landscape within your legal department with a low-code, automated generation system, ensuring precision without compromising efficiency.

Does the manual drafting of accurate legal documents hold processes back?

Legal departments are tasked with generating a multitude of crucial agreements that underpin business operations. Drafting these documents manually can be laborious, error-prone, and time-consuming, increasing the risk of non-compliance or overlooked provisions.

Fast custom documents with all the right clauses

DocFusion brings a revolution to legal document creation within corporations. Our advanced generation technology allows legal teams to craft custom documents swiftly by choosing from pre-made standard clauses and templates designed by relevant parties. This seamless integration of automation and the empowerment of the relevant team members to design templates without the need for IT intervention ensures legal documents are both accurate and efficient.

Here’s why corporate legal teams love DocFusion

Template-driven agreements

Easily draft non-disclosure agreements, partnership agreements, and service level agreements with pre-established templates.

Advanced automation

Leverage the power of automated document generation, eradicating manual data entry and unnecessary paper consumption, thus driving efficiency.

Low-code system

Empower legal departments with a system that doesn’t require IT dependence. Adapt and manage documents without getting bogged down in technicalities.

Customisable clauses

Select from standard clauses created by specialists, ensuring both precision and adaptability in all legal documents.

Integrated workflow

Fully integrate document creation into an automated workflow, saving time and ensuring consistency across the board.

 Streamline document creation. Ensure compliance. Unlock new levels of efficiency.

A step-by-step of automated document generation.

Redefine legal documentation efficiency

Connect with our DocFusion team to experience how automated document generation can transform your legal department’s operations.