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Boost the benefits of Salesforce’s powerful CRM system with document generation that integrates seamlessly and personalises every step of the customer journey.

We don’t use terms like “game changer” often, but when a tool as powerful as Salesforce can be enhanced in ways users did not realise were possible, that’s a game changer.

Introducing DocFusion for Salesforce – a tool designed to help businesses personalise every experience on the customer journey through seamless document generation.

Available soon via the Salesforce AppExchange, DocFusion for Salesforce enables Salesforce users to generate personalised documents – whether simple or complex, static or dynamic – using data from Salesforce (and if required, data from other systems directly within the platform) without the need for IT involvement, coding, or custom Salesforce solutions.

DocFusion for Salesforce was conceived in line with our core purpose of helping businesses build and maintain life-long customer relationships and supplements the powerful Salesforce CRM system by filling the document generation and automation gap.

Two become one: Flexible, dynamic & customisable customer communication

With a market share of over 33% and climbing, Salesforce has become the leading CRM platform globally.

“From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, over 150 000 Salesforce customers are flourishing on our secure, scalable cloud platform.”  – Salesforce, source IDC, Worldwide Semi-annual Software Tracker, October 2022.

In all our dealings, Salesforce is undeniably the first name that comes up when talking CRM, and with good reason. Salesforce’s power lies in its cloud-based, feature-rich approach to CRM, as well as its emphasis on security, compliance, and data analytics.

Hands down, Salesforce takes the CRM cake. However, when it comes to document generation and automation, there are certain shortfalls we’ve identified working with enterprises looking for an end-to-end customer relationship and communication tool that can generate complex documents directly within the CRM.

This is where DocFusion steps up and slots in.

Bridging the document generation divide
  • Customisation
    The challenge: Many enterprises require higher levels of customisation and flexibility when it comes to document generation, which are not offered by Salesforce’s otherwise robust automation solutions.
    The solution: DocFusion can handle any level of complexity, including documents that require a high degree of formatting or integration with other systems.
  • Integration
    The challenge: Salesforce’s document generation features may not integrate seamlessly with other enterprise systems, which can make it difficult to automate document creation and management processes across a variety of core applications, including Salesforce.
    The solution: By design, DocFusion integrates easily with Salesforce, allowing for seamless data mapping and document generation directly from enterprise CRM records, and combines the data with data coming from other core applications. Plus, with DocFusion being available on the Salesforce AppExchange, installation and setup is uncomplicated.
  • Automation
    The challenge: While Salesforce’s document generation features can help automate document creation, enterprises have found limitations on how much of the process can be automated. For example, the need to manually enter data into certain fields or manually review and approve documents before they can be finalised.
    The solution: With DocFusion, document processes are fully automated. Integrating DocFusion with Salesforce allows users to create templates that are automatically populated with data from Salesforce records, and combined. So, the generation and customisation of documents and communications is executed quickly and easily, without ever having to manually enter data.
  • Cost
    The challenge: Depending on the size and complexity of an enterprise’s document generation needs, the cost of using Salesforce’s document generation features can be a barrier, with some businesses needing to purchase additional licenses or upgrade to a more expensive Salesforce plan to access the range of document generation capabilities.
    The solution: Integration of DocFusion with Salesforce takes care of all document generation and automation needs, making it not only a viable alternative, but also a dedicated platform for flexible and customisable document generation across our clients’ application landscape.
  • Learning curve
    The challenge: Salesforce’s document generation features can be complex and require a significant amount of training and experience to use effectively. Enterprises whose employees have struggled to master the system, have experienced delays in getting systems going, as well as errors in their document creation processes.
    The solution: A low-code platform, DocFusion is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for non-technical users. While some training may be necessary to fully utilise all of its features, most users can get started with the platform quickly and easily.
Communications that flow, connections that last

Throughout numerous implementations, we have seen this union of two powerful platforms – Salesforce and DocFusion – transform and elevate businesses’ customer communications to levels that were previously unfeasible.

And the benefits are direct and tangible. These include increased efficiency and productivity of the workforce, higher customer satisfaction and retention through hyper-personalised documents, and ultimately a healthier bottom line due to time and money savings.

But the most valuable benefit of all, we would argue, is the trust, confidence and loyalty built between businesses and their customers. Because it is this, in the end, that underpins successful and sustainable businesses amid a sea of competitors all vying for the same market.

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