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If you are an insurance provider, your main aim is to assure potential and existing clients that they are in good hands. Today, more than ever before, emotion plays a huge role in an individual’s investment in insurance plans.

Long notorious for being a “grudge purchase”, insurance is nonetheless an invaluable and indispensable part of life and, with the right attention to and communication with clients, insurance providers can turn that sentiment on its head.

According to one of the USA’s largest business insurance groups, NIP Group, communication is one of the biggest pain points for clients: “Clients often have little interaction with their insurance company while their policy is active unless they need to file a claim. Otherwise, they will only see their agent when they initially take out the insurance policy and when it is time to renew. That doesn’t provide the agent with a lot of time to build a good relationship with the client.”

As a result, notes NIP Group, many insurance providers are looking for ways to engage with their clients more frequently to improve interaction.

Nothing assuages a client’s concerns like clear, consistent and professional communication – accompanied by fast, easy and accurate claims, policies and agreements processes.

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