batch processing feature

In line with our vision of innovating for change that matters, we’ve introduced a batch processing feature that unlocks new levels of accuracy and efficiency.

In the competitive landscape of sectors like insurance and banking, efficiency is crucial. Innovative solutions like DocFusion are stepping up to enhance document generation and automation. The recent introduction of a new standout feature, enterprise batch processing, is transforming how companies manage volumes of complex documents.

Understanding batch processing

Before delving into the specifics of DocFusion’s new batch processing feature, let’s clarify what batch processing entails. In the realm of document automation, batch processing enables the processing of a large volume of documents simultaneously as a single action, alleviating the need for user interaction. It’s a timesaving and optimisation technique that allows for more efficient, scalable, consistent and accurate processing of documents.

Introducing DocFusion’s batch processing feature

The new batch processing feature, available in DocFusion, offers enhanced document automation for customers who regularly process large volumes of documents. It equips users with APIs, client tooling, and a user-friendly web interface to create and manage batch processing – with the power of the DocFusion document generation engine. Create multiple batch types tailored to your specific needs, such as “Monthly Statements” or any other use case where a single template gets used to generate large volumes.

Key features and benefits

DocFusion’s batch processing feature offers:

  • Streamlined management: Administrators can access a user-friendly dashboard for seamless batch type, batch, and batch item management, simplifying complex administration tasks.
  • Robust reporting: Detailed reports on batches provide valuable insights into document processes.
  • Fail-safe operations: The feature allows for the inspection and repair of failed batches, ensuring error-free document generation.
  • Batch processing APIs: With DocFusion’s new, purpose-built Batch APIs, system integrators can effortlessly automate document generation, tracking, and error handling.
  • Batch client synchronisation tool: For customers who are currently following a process of dumping data files into drop folders for further automation, DocFusion offers a Client Sync tool that can easily replace existing automations by creating and processing DocFusion batches based on files in a folder.

A comprehensive solution

DocFusion provides a unified platform for all your enterprise document automation requirements. No longer do you need to rely on mismatched tools or code. Seamlessly manage templates, establish automations, handle bulk requests, and more, all from one central platform.

Inspiring change through innovation

DocFusion’s mission is to drive innovation that improves lives and promotes sustainability. With the batch processing feature, we are simplifying document generation, saving valuable time and resources, and contributing to a more efficient way of working.

Our recent innovations enable enterprise organisations to efficiently process high volumes of extremely large and complex documents, while maintaining visibility and control over batch processes, and even recovering from errors without the need to rerun entire batches.