Significant New Features September 2023

In September, we introduced several key features, including the DocFusion for Salesforce listing on AppExchange, batch processing capabilities, and our unified portal that consolidates the robust features and capabilities of DocFusion’s enterprise platform.

Significant New Features

Salesforce AppExchange listing

The DocFusion for Salesforce app provides a simple easy-to-set-up configuration for triggering document generation directly from Salesforce.

Despite Salesforce’s unrivalled capabilities in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) domain, intuitive document generation has been lacking. DocFusion’s enterprise document generation and automation system takes care of this, giving users a tool that seamlessly blends into their Salesforce environment and allows them to craft beautiful, accurate, and compliant documents.

Now, with DocFusion available on the Salesforce AppExchange, generating and automating customer and stakeholder communication is easier than ever. The integration promises Salesforce users a powerful toolset that bridges CRM functionality with innovative document generation solutions, which they can manage and use directly within their familiar dashboard – sidestepping the complications of external setups and disparate systems.

From the moment you capture your customer or stakeholder’s details in Salesforce, DocFusion ensures you can produce customised communications that are tailored to their needs. DocFusion’s dedicated Salesforce connectors allow you to access all the rich information you have and make it available in your document templates.

You are also in complete control of how your documents look, with the use of advanced formatting features and dynamic content, such as data, calculations, graphs, and advanced data business rules. Within the CRM itself, with one simple click, sales contracts, orders, invoices, or any other document can be produced from Salesforce and stored directly back into Salesforce or into your document management solution of choice.

Batch Processing Feature

The new batch processing feature offers an API and Web interface for customers to create multiple batch types (e.g., a batch type for “Monthly Statements”) and specific batches per batch type (e.g., a batch for “June 2023”), facilitating bulk document generation.

This feature includes a dashboard for viewing and managing batch types, batches, and batch items. It provides the capability to report on batches and to inspect and repair any failed batches.

Designed to optimise bulk document processes, this functionality is managed through an intuitive web interface (the DocFusion portal) and dashboard, simplifying the oversight, reporting, and troubleshooting of batch operations.

The DocFusion portal

Manage assets, users, settings, and more – directly from your browser.

Our portal, succeeding DocFusion Workbench, is a robust web application that puts comprehensive document generation and automation at your fingertips. From crafting and overseeing templates, to regulating user permissions and adjusting environment settings, every aspect is effortlessly manageable within this online hub.

Users have the flexibility to employ individual components, a tailored combination, or the entire suite of powerful DocFusion features based on their specific needs.

This browser-based platform encapsulates a user-friendly interface and customisable experience, ensuring a seamless transition between complex and simplified document generation tasks.


  • New Error 30 (Time limit exceeded) for generation requests: When the predicted time it will take to generate a document is longer than the specified timeout period, the request will fail upfront with a new Error 30 – Time limit exceeded.
    Read more HERE.
  • DocFusion core APIs enhanced with file streaming: New API endpoints accept document generation payloads via file streaming.


  • IDS exceptions on web API: IDS errors thrown when authenticating using the AccessTokenValidation web API library have been resolved.
  • JWT (JSON Web Tokens) authentication errors on Salesforce connector: JWT errors when loading certificates via file or Subject Distinguished Name now authenticate as expected.

Coming soon

DocFusion ‘Co-pilot’: Bringing the power of AI to the DocFusion platform. More information coming soon…

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You can access our full Release Notes HERE.

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