Graphical representation of priority document loading document generation

New features

Priority document generation service: Priority Service – also known as “Elastic Compute” – is a premium service that allows for independent job placement and generation scaling for large enterprise customers.

    Elastic Compute enables you to designate specific workloads within DocFusion for priority processing. Whether it’s templates, folders, or entire business units, you can ensure that your documents are generated quickly and reliably, exactly when you need them.


    Database Maintenance Mode Flag: We now have a flag for enabling maintenance mode on the DocFusion database. This is useful for on-premises customers preparing a database for migrations or performing backup/restore.


    Critical circular reference issue on Platform API: We resolved an issue where using the UpdatePath API method to create circular references caused the server to crash during the calculation of the environment snapshot.

    Issue with running multiple Batch Processing instances: We resolved an issue where running multiple DocBatch instances caused inaccuracies in batch status reporting.

    Make it matter

    At DocFusion, we believe in purpose-driven innovation. Our features are designed not just for enhancing efficiency, but also for bolstering sustainability and freeing up your time for what’s most important.

    Your input is invaluable to us. It steers our continuous evolution, helping to ensure that our solutions meet your needs effectively. Thank you for your ongoing support and engagement with the DocFusion community.

    You can access our full Release Notes HERE.

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