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The business case for DocFusion Document Generation is easily made on multiple levels:

1. Customer Experience

This is frictionless without the need to print, sign scan. The available data is pre-populated so the customer does not have to duplicate effort. The document cannot be submitted with missing fields so there is no to and fro. Although difficult to quantify we believe that this results in higher customer take on and less customer churn

2. Company Reputation

A company’s reputation is based on many factors, one of the important one being professionalism. Document Generation drives this professionalism by ensuring that all document-based interaction, is styled correctly, correct logo’s, correct versions, correct details and much more. In a digital age where the only interaction with the outside world is electronic ensuring this is a reputational prerequisite.

3. Productivity improvement

Forrester estimates that over 20% of a knowledge worker’s time is freed up by having the correct digital documents available, routed, digitally signed, and stored.

4. Cost reduction

Docfusion Document Generation’s rules engine and smart API’s eliminates the need for data input and manual intervention. This can save up to 30% of the manual intervention. In addition to this there is normally big cost reduction through the replacement of multiple disjointed systems.

5. Risk and Compliance

With DocFusion Document Generation all data is current with the correct legal terms, correct approvals, correct clauses. Up-to-date electronic templates ensure the correct information the company and outside parties must provide is in line with policy and law. A regulation change is updated once centrally and is immediately included in all relevant documents. This reduces legal and other risk and increases compliance.

6. Omnichannel Marketing

DocFusion communication templates ensure consistent messaging organisation wide. This can be communicated via web, mobile, sms and all other relevant channels. This ensures consistent messaging and not inconsistent from multiple legacy systems.

7. Employee Engagement

A new employee’s first interaction with a company is in completing their employment contract. DocFusion ensures this is a frictionless interaction through the automatic generation of the contract through pre-population from forms and automated rule based clause provisioning.

8. Digital and Paperless

DocFusion not only drives a company’s digital agenda but also makes it more environmentally friendly through the eradication of paper. Many forests can thank DocFusion for their continued existence.

DocFusion ensures frictionless interactions through the automatic generation of contracts

Find out how DocFusion can help you digitally automate all communication with your stakeholders.

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