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We have the privilege of witnessing firsthand how the power of document generation transforms frustration and chaos into peace of mind and seamless, organised processes. Like it did with this leading insurance company…

The challenges: The firm faced significant challenges in their document processes. Development was hampered by an unacceptable user experience, with extreme slowness, lack of support, and no automatic version control. This unreliable system led to operational failures and unnecessary complexity, causing even minor tasks to be time-consuming.

On the business front, the firm struggled with untidy and unmanageable endorsements, clauses, and exclusions, resulting in slow turnaround times for necessary changes, and putting their reputation at risk. Moreover, heavy reliance on IT made the process resource-intensive and raised the potential for errors and non-compliance.

Ambitious goals: To overcome these hurdles, the insurance firm set clear objectives. They aimed to reduce manual labour, ensure up-to-date documents, enable quick document updates, facilitate skills transfer within the organisation, and produce polished, professional schedules.

The solution: DocFusion’s enterprise-grade, low-code document generation system stepped in and eliminated key man dependencies, and empowered the firm to output beautiful, professional, tidy, compliant, and accurate insurance documents, all at an impressive speed.

Winning benefits: When compared with two other docgen tools, the firm prized the following benefits guaranteed by DocFusion:

✅ Fast development response time.

✅ Seamless, automatic version control.

✅ Tailoring a solution to address the specific business requirements of the insurance firm.

✅ Quick implementation timeline.

✅ DocFusion’s all-in-one solution required no extra software investments.

✅ Facilitation of smooth knowledge transfer within the firm.

We’re honoured to have been selected as the firm’s “professional, experienced, skilled, and Microsoft-endorsed” partner.

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