A watering can being used to water plants

As we commemorate Nelson Mandela Day this July 18, 2023, the chosen theme, ‘Climate, Food and Solidarity’, reminds us of the interconnectedness of our actions, much like the cohesive solutions DocFusion offers in the realm of document automation.

In the spirit of the day, we want to reflect on one particular climate action – tree planting.

Although viewed as a panacea to our climate woes, it’s essential to remember that, when executed poorly, it can inadvertently harm our environment. This lesson resonates with the ethos of DocFusion. Just as we believe in providing the right document automation solutions for the right business contexts, the tree-planting world also needs to ensure the right trees are planted in the right environments.

Drawing inspiration from this, DocFusion commits to support ‘Food and Trees for Africa’ this Mandela Day, thus furthering the mission of climate action, food security, and solidarity. We encourage everyone to join us, continuing Mandela’s legacy of making a difference – just as we aim to do every day with our work at DocFusion.

This Mandela Day, let’s all take steps – however small – towards a more sustainable, equitable future. Just as DocFusion seeks to revolutionise document automation, let’s revolutionse our impact on the planet.

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