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The months of June and July saw some exciting new features and updates, including an enterprise batch processing API and a content insertion feature for seamless insertion of content from a static PDF. 

At DocFusion, we are committed to driving positive change and continuously improving your user experience. We greatly appreciate your valuable feedback and always prioritise your requests. By actively collaborating with you, our goal is to deliver solutions that surpass expectations and bring meaningful enhancements to your everyday workflow. Let’s look at the developments we worked on during June and July.

New features

Enterprise batch processing API

Our enterprise batch processing API is now available. This API enables the processing of large sets of documents with intelligent queuing and also includes a client Sync Utility to automate the management of batches.

DocFusion streaming APIs

We now support very large files or data sets when generating documents, mitigating timeout errors.

Updates and fixes

Timeouts on c# client calls: :

The DocFusion c# nuget client now supports the configuration of timeouts for non-generation requests. NOTE: Generate functions will still use the transactional timeout value specified.

Enhancements to generation statistics:

Generation statistic are now aggregated using a combination of the date (Day), business unit, template, chain and source. The “Source” field, sent via the Generation API Request can be used as a statistics collation indicator, such as a “Cost Centre Code”, “Region”, “Branch Code” or any other uniquely identified value that allows the grouping of daily statistics.

Digital signature auto-tagging in Workflows:

Digital signature auto-tagging now works correctly when initiating signing requests from a DocFusion workflow.

Workflow activity to perform content insertion into PDFs:

This update introduces an enhanced workflow activity that enables seamless insertion of content from a static PDF into the generated document at specified locations. This allows for precise and controlled document assembly.

ExecuteScript compile error in Workflow Designer.

A compilation error on unedited scripts for the AIS.Workflow.Activities.Scripting.dll workflow activity has been resolved.

What’s on the horizon? Coming soon

Here is a glimpse of the imminent advancements that will revolutionise and invigorate your document automation experience:

Enterprise batch processing via web interface

As well as the ability to carry out batch processing via the DocFusion web interface, you can also expect further enhancements on the API as we continue to innovate around the first release of enterprise batch processing. Look out for future iterations as we continue to innovate and improve our features to better suit your needs and simplify your document processes.

Our batch processing feature allows you to create multiple batch types (e.g. monthly statements), as well as batches per batch type (e.g. a batch for June 2023) and the individual batch items, to generate documents in bulk efficiently while maintaining control over the entire process. A web-based dashboard will allow you to view and manage batch types, batches, and batch items as well as report on batches, and inspect or repair failed batches.

DocFusion portal: The new home of Workbench

Our new web-based app allows you to carry out all your document generation and automation processes using DocFusion entirely online, without the need to install Workbench on your Windows device. This will allow you to manage templates, processes, chains, and more – directly from your browser.

DocFusion for Salesforce App

DocFusion for Salesforce will soon be available via Salesforce AppExchange. This brings the power of the DocFusion Platform to Salesforce, allowing you to generate and automate complex documents and create personalised and engaging customer communications. This app includes features like dynamic document assembly, real-time data merging, and automated workflows, to enable enterprise teams to generate professional and customised documents, such as quotes, proposals, policies, and contracts, directly within Salesforce.

DocFusion ‘Co-pilot’

Bringing the power of AI to the DocFusion Platform. More information coming soon…

Onwards and upwards! 

We aim for innovation that surpasses document automation solutions. Our goal is to enhance lives by promoting sustainability, freeing you from burdensome tasks, and empowering you to focus on your passions, creativity, and overall quality of life. Expect us to continue delivering innovative solutions that really matter to you.

You can access our full Release Notes HERE.

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