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In today’s hyper-digital landscape with increasingly demanding clients and fierce competition, the documentation needs of enterprises have never been more critical.

While most enterprises boast of having document systems in place, it’s essential to stop and ask – are they the right ones? Yes, you might have enterprise systems, but…

Standard output, but not always the optimal outcome:

While many of these systems produce impeccable standard documents and come with predefined configured reports, their scope often ends there.

High costs of expansion;

For businesses looking to expand and diversify their documentation needs, building out from these systems is:

Costly: Expansions can lead to significant financial overheads.

Inefficient: The time and resources required can be draining, slowing down operational efficiency.

Counter productive: Instead of aiding growth and adaptation, they might actually hinder progress and agility.

The non-standard document dilemma:

More often than not, these systems fall short when it comes to:

Customer onboarding: Personalised experiences are the need of the hour, and a one-size-fits-all document approach won’t cut it.

Policy creation: Policies need to be adaptable, flexible, and tailored to specific business and customer needs.

Crossing organisational boundaries:

A significant drawback is the inability of these systems to cater to documents that transcend organisational boundaries, such as:

On-brand and consistent customer communication: Seamless and professional communication is key for customer satisfaction and retention.

Employee onboarding: A smooth and efficient onboarding process not only saves time, but also a positive first impression for new hires.

Supplier onboarding: Establishing clear and customised communication with suppliers can lead to better business relationships and smoother operations.

While having a document system in place is commendable, enterprises need to ensure they are adaptable, scalable, and efficient. Today, a proper document generation and automation system isn’t just a ‘nice-to-have’, but a business imperative.

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