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  • Improved support for using multiple certificates when connecting to Salesforce: When loading a certificate from the certificate store, the certificate with the latest expiry date is now preferred.
  • Workflow activity to certify documents using SigniFlow: This workflow activity adds support for using SigniFlow to certify a PDF document through a certified document service.


  • Fixed an issue with Optional Cell ribbon button: Fixed an issue where the contextual behaviour of the ribbon button for Optional Cell was not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue on deferred activation: An error occurred when publishing a template to another environment using deferred activation. This has now been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue when previewing PDFs: Resolved an issue where a PDF being previewed was no longer available by the time the browser tried to load it.
  • Fixed an issue when adding existing users to a business unit: When trying to add an existing user to a business unit, an error occurs, preventing the user from being added. This has now been resolved.

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DocFusion ‘Copilot’: Bringing the power of AI to the DocFusion platform. More information coming soon…

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