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In October, we introduced several enhancements and fixes, including alerts, telemetry and availability checks for private or on-premise clients using Azure Application Insights; parameter inheritance for external references, and increased stability for process recycling under high generation volumes.

Significant new features

⁠Alerts and telemetry for private cloud or on-premise customers using Azure Application Insights

This feature enables users to monitor the health and performance metrics of private DocFusion instances. Availability checks are performed regularly to verify the health of system services and dependencies, such as connectivity to databases, health of storage dependencies, and connectivity to the cluster micro services.  Performance metrics (such as CPU and memory), and custom telemetry can be used to build dashboards to provide better insights into overall performance, error types, failures, and generations for all runtime-related requests.

For more on how availability checks and Azure Application Insights work, click HERE.

Parameter inheritance

When using external references, parameters on parent templates are now inherited by child templates when resolving their values.


  • Enhanced stability at high-generation volumes: Stability enhancements when process recycling occurs on document generation workers during periods of high demand were made.


  • Correction to the inheritance of runtime parameter values between master and child templates: Provided that the name of a runtime parameter is the same in both templates, the default value from the master will be used by the child if its value is empty.
  • Fixed behaviour for schema smart values that use the REST connector: The issues concerning unexpected resetting of authorisation configurations, and errors encountered while previewing REST data, have been resolved for smart values using these configurations. The schema now builds properly for REST properties too.
  • Template editing experience on DocFusion Portal: The issue encountered when closing Microsoft Word and opting to save changes, resulting in Microsoft Word to hang, has been resolved. This occurred when editing templates from DocFusion Portal.
  • Unfiltered Entra ID (previously AAD) domain user list now displays only configured domains for your Business Unit: An issue where adding users to business units with Entra ID authentication enabled would display an unfiltered list of external domain users was fixed. Now, only the users for configured domains for your business units are displayed.
  • Runtime parameter editing issues have been fixed: Several bugs when editing runtime parameters have been resolved.

Coming soon

DocFusion ‘Copilot’: Bringing the power of AI to the DocFusion platform. More information coming soon…

Make it matter

At DocFusion, our driving force is to bring meaningful innovation that resonates – both with the planet through green practices, and with individuals by liberating them from manual, mundane tasks.

Your feedback is a valuable part of our journey and purpose. Thank you for being a part of it.

You can access our full Release Notes HERE.

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